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earlier this year, before the Nike Air VaporMax has not officially sold, this COMME des GAR ONS joint edition, is undoubtedly the most talked about shoes this year. The Internet is out of the CDG x Nike Vapormax the latest version of the joint real spy photos, you can see from the photo, the joint Air VaporMax tone is still in elastic design instead of laces system, very Slip-On feeling. And "COMME des GAR ONS" LOGO only low-key printed on the insole, at present do not know whether this is the final design, or just the stage of development, interested friends, please continue to pay attention. Cheap air jordans for sale APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! followed Air Sock Racer OG pace, Nike this year, the main push Air VaporMax running shoes will also join the NIKDiD family, for the majority of shoe fans to provide a more personalized color choice. It is reported that the opening of the custom option, the user can choose the Air VaporMax sign full palm transparent sole colors including orange, yellow, blue, green, pink, transparent color and black Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping and so on, and uppers with black and black / white Flyknit optional, highlighting the shoe bottom eye-catching design. It is reported that Nike Air VaporMax will officially landing in April 20th NIKEiD, like friends, not to be missed! APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!sports training plan concept first emphasized the importance of not rashly to run a marathon, with training, aimless, easy to cause the body function, or is a muscle cheap jordans for sale mens injury, and let the body in a state more easily infected; if after set a clear goal, advance the design of training content, organization, planning to arrange the training and the slowly accumulated experience and knowledge, also can improve efficiency. most of people living around the circles at home and at work, this emphasis on the training plan must be established in accord with the principles of personal life, so as not to affect the accompany family time and work as the premise; the purpose of running is to enhance physical fitness, but if due to excessive movement caused by a cold or injure Retro jordans for sale d, but put the cart before the horse, not worth the candle. The principle of training plan so after setting a target race, they can begin to assess the training plan, if training program is not applicable, it must be adjusted depending on the situation; in addition, must conform to the principle of "step by step, slowly increase"; the most important point, running this thing, is to let oneself happy, when you use the joyful mood to run, is run length, run a long time the Holy Grail. figure shows how the physical ability to change between recovery and training image source: Lin Shuhui teacher "super Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping compensation" and "overload" this is a training and recovery of both ideas and so-called "overload" means that training must be higher than the usual training strength, physical fitness will therefore progress; while the body after training, have a sense of fatigue, physical fitness and thus fell, if after training did not allow the body to do proper rest, physical fitness will not increase the antireflective, resulting in ineffective training; on the contrary, if can make the body to recover properly, fitness will upgrade again, this is the so-called "compensation". like the usual amount of trai cheap jordan shoes for men ning for 10 km / 8 speed to maintain a few days after the body is used to the strength, so change the schedule is 15 km / 8 differential. At this time for the body to stimulate is known as "overload", at the same time, so that the body to moderate the rest and nutrition supplement, can strengthen the muscles, enhance physical fitness, that is, "super compensation". periodic training program training must be built on top of the cycle of the concept, different period of training, seemingly in repeated, but actually is not in situ circle, but with the ultimate goal, the establishment of the targets wi cheap foamposites th different training cycle. During the training period, because of the different goals and tasks, it is divided into the following stages: basic period: also known as the general or preparation period stage, the game: can be separated can also be tied together recovery period: adjust the rest period image source: Lin Shuhui teacher The structure of training is divided into many years of large cycle, middle period, to a week or so small cycle; from the table can be seen in the top part, represents the general 〉Jordan brand in the also catch up with Nike has launched a year the horse collectio cheap jordans for sale n horse don't note series for the footsteps of, the pair designed for Carmelo Anthony Jordan Melo M10 "year of the Horse" horse don't note as to suction eye side. Only more were changed to present, at the same time; Horse" M10 in Jordan Melo "year of the horse don't note to all black leather to create the dynamic fit upper is lined with Chinese ink and wash painting color pattern uppers, followed by the original in order to gradually layer style chrome stable piece of black matt design for special color, around the foot of the tongue to the & quot; Ma & quot; word embroidery and trapeze signs dotted cheap jordans online , also on the transparent ice beneath the also in possession of a Chinese ink painting decorative design, in addition to the Jordan Brand to create a Chinese flavor of ink and wash painting color special box, is absolutely obsessed with shoes have the classic for a new one. The double Jordan Melo M10 "year of the Horse" horse don't note as will in the near future to come on stage formally, ladies shoes fans please wait and see. /〉 & nbsp; Nike this season will "Croc suede" designed to transplant into the air flight huarache, bring this unique texture of "Black Croc suede" color. S Retro jordans for sale hoe body whole black to dark temperament full tone, and the crocodile embossed leather with mesh material uppers, paired with signs of TPU heel baffle create a sense of retro, finally equipped with black rubber sole. This Flight Huarache Air is now available in Shop Titolo and other designated retailers, priced at $$170. (Editor: YOYO)Nike New Image stores - Sports Channel Gateway store recently opened old new, reopened, and on January 8 held a grand opening ceremony. Well-known sports stars - Sun Ji, Sun Xiang; Nike, RLT and sport city executives have attended the opening ceremony. Hong Kong exchange shop sports channel is one of Nike's considerable strength agents - sharp edge sports a Nike store in Shanghai, 18 in. Stores reopened, the area is the original double spacious and comfortable shopping environment, and the addition of men's and women's areas, more perfect service, love animals can choose clothes, accessories and sports equipment such as a full range Nike products. Nike is the language of movement. Since 1956, Nike has always been committed to the creation and development of sports product development, has introduced new sections of the stadium is always a man of countless darling, they challenge their own limits, creating a heavy miracle in sports history, but also to the world unlimited Surprise. In health has been growing attention today, Nike make sports truly become a fashion, become a part of life. Held in conjunction with the "Nike-- dream 2005" Essay Contest Award results announced at a grand opening day, activities draw on the perfect ending. It is understood that the event advocate a "happier, healthier and more intelligent" concept, the New Year approaching in Shanghai and the country caused a great response, people have expressed their feelings in 2004, but promised a The desire for a new year, and ultimately the essence of integrated content knot book, was shared with the public. Nike says organized the "New Year's wishes" solicitation is intended to allow every participant in the new year, both by moving more income; more hope in each favorite Nike consumers to enjoy high-quality while Nike products, but also appreciate: Choose Nike is to choose healthy and fashionable lifestyle. While Nike will continue to uphold the spirit of transcendence, and create opportunity to show themselves to everyone, so that more ordinary people can also create hit miracle birth!